Yarn Weaved on Soul

Pima Cotton

Pima Cotton which can be grown in Peru, Australia and America under very special conditions, offers a comfortable dressing experience with its extra long fiber structure while maintaining its vividness for a long time through its high resistance feature. Pima Cotton, which was grown by the Pima people for the first time in America, owes its name to these wise indigenous people who have learned to talk to the land and strikes to people’s fancy who prefer to dress naturally as well as quality.

Pima Cotton, which was used only in a regional area when it was grown in certain regions of America in the 1700s, spreads throughout the world with the development of trade networks in the early 20th century. First class Pima Cotton can be obtained only when grown in very wet areas and under special climatic conditions; at Eren Weaving facilities, only this quality Pima cotton is processed. In combination with modern and natural techniques, Pima cotton is transformed into comfortable and four-season wearable pieces through Eren Weaving quality.

While Pima cotton can be worn in four seasons with its flawless softness, breathable structure and fine form, it maintains its temperature thanks to its specific yarn structure. Pima cotton does not become deformed easily because it has a 50% longer fiber structure than the standard cotton types.

Eren Weaving Pima Cotton is perfect for men who prefer to look good and natural in every frame of life with its excellent shine, its softness touching to soul and its archaic history it bear on it.