Natural Breathable Extra Fine

Merino Wool Knitwear

Meet the sense of first-class merino wool from Australian sheep farms. Eren Weaving Extra Fine Merino knitwear collection, which offers a great ease and comfort, is a miracle we obtained from nature with its breathable fiber and soft structure.

The story of the Extra Fine Merino wool begins in Australia. Wool fibers carefully selected from the merino sheep grown in special farms are processed in Italy with hundreds of years of expertise and turned into an Extra Fine Merino yarn of 19.5 micrometers. Later on, these yarns are knitted and handled with high technology in Eren Weaving’s own facilities.

Result: A fine knitwear that maintains its high quality and naturalness in every stage of its production, reaching you with its lively and soft texture.

Merino wool is completely natural and healthy. Merino wool is compatible with human skin. Eren Weaving Extra Fine Merino wool knitwear contains hundreds of years of knowledge and high workmanship. This collection, which offers comfort and elegance in four seasons with its breathable fine structure and perfect fit for every body, is presented with a rich variety of models and colors.