The Most Valuable Cotton of the Fertile and

Ancient Egyptian Soils

The reason of why Giza Cotton is so valuable when compare it to other cotton types, is because of the Nile River Delta’s unique structure.

Natural at Every Stage

Its story, which lasts for hundreds of years, the high productivity of the land it comes from and the fact that it has not been exposed to any process that leads to lose its naturalness in all its processes from its collection to processing has brought it unique characteristics.


High Quality Yarns produced from Giza Cotton, with its superior color retention properties, maintain their saturation for years, do not fade and lose their colors.

Fine, Light and Breathable Fiber

The knitwear made of Giza cotton offers a unique comfort to its user with its soft and flexible touch. Thanks to its breathable and moisture absorbing structure, it prevents the disturbing of heat changes in the environment.

Giza 86 Fiber Processed in Italy

Giza86 cotton with 33 mm fiber length used in our Giza 86 Fiber Collections Processed in Italy is processed by a special technique in professional facilities in Italy and achieves its “zero pilling” feature.